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#Collabfest2017 part three: Clerkenwell, Brighton, Leeds North Street, Stirling

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Saturday lunchtime in Clerkenwell, and you can see why they don't open on Sundays: it's very quiet without the usual scrum of City boys. Still, it's the first bar where we get a flight paddle and a written list of beers. And they bribe drinkers of their Cookie Dough beer with actual cookies (while stocks last), so three cheers for BrewDog's most underrated London bar (not counting Homerton).

9. Siren / BrewDog Clerkenwell: Cookie Dough (Cookie Dough White Stout, 7.40%)
Very nice initially - odd mix of flavours, though you can kind of see how cookie dough is the overall impression from the mashup of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Mainly vanilla on the nose, with the other flavours mingling as it goes down.

10. Brighton Bier / BrewDog Brighton: Dutch Udder (Flemish Milk Stout, 6.50%)
Quick hello to Gretel, who joined us at the Soho bar last night and had a glass of this while we drank our first flight. She rather kindly offered us a taste, which we refused because we like to keep a structure to these sessions, dammit. It's a rather good milk stout, still fighting the flavours of the Cookie Dough (and, in The BBG's case, the free cookies) on the first mouthful. Thins out a little as it goes on, and may be a bit better if it's been given time to warm up (the keg had literally just gone on when they poured it). The BBG suggests it's more like a Belgian black beer than a stout, really.

11. Northern Monk Brew Co / BrewDog North Street Leeds: Fumin' Lou (Gingerbread Ice Cream Brown Ale with Vanilla, 6.30%)
"It's doing a few things, isn't it?" is her initial reaction. All sorts of crazy spiciness going on here, mainly ginger with a hint of vanilla. It's definitely the combination of the two that keeps it interesting. Stays surprising to the bottom of the glass, too, which is unusual.

12.Fallen Brewing / BrewDog Stirling: Sex out of reach (Peach, Orange and Cranberry Witbier, 5.00%)
Incredibly fruity, hard to believe it's actually beer initially. The BBG feels there's more peach initially, with an aftertaste more like mandarin than just orange. Dangerously easy drinking, managed to finish it without thinking about it.
21st Oct 2017, 14:40