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#Collabfest2017 part four: Oxford, Shoreditch, Berlin Mitte, DogHouse Merchant City

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Next stop Shoreditch, where I think I deserve some degree of respect for carrying a flight of four beers down the stairs to the basement bar without spilling any. Except once I got to the table I realised I'd bought Goose Willis for a second time by mistake, so had to go back up for one more beer, which came in the wrong size glass to mess up the photo. Happy now?

13. Lovibonds Brewery / BrewDog Oxford: No Smoke Without Sour (Sour Cherry Porter, 5.00%)
Back in sour land again, though not as aggressively as last night: it's a bit more subtle. It's another one that feels like it needs some time to warm up - there's more cold than cherry coming through on the palate at the start, but the fruit pops its head up a little more later on.

14. Affinity Brew Co. / BrewDog Shoreditch: There's Saison About Mary (Bloody Mary Saison, 5.20%)
I got tomato off it straight off, with a bit of spiciness coming through as time went on, like a deconstructed Bloody Mary. The BBG didn't, but she was in the middle of scoffing a pizza at the time, and just saw it as a rather nice saison. Top tip from her - "if you want to appreciate subtle flavours in a beer, don't fill your mouth with Dalston Chilli immediately beforehand." They should use that on the label.

15. BRLO / BrewDog Berlin Mitte: / Dr Frank's Happy Pils (Imperial Pilsner, 7.50%)
Very nice hoppy and fruity pilsner, emphasising how interesting BrewDog's lagers could be if they weren't just trying to target Fosters drinkers. ("True but slightly unfair," says The BBG - that's what I usually aim for, certainly.)

16. Up Front Brewing / DogHouse Merchant City: Das ist Techno Sex (key lime and passionfruit gose, 5.40%)
Sharp and a little bit salty rather than sour, with the fruit really cutting through in the first few mouthfuls (but dying down a bit as time goes on). Is the idea that the beers with 'sex' in the name are the most gluggable?
21st Oct 2017, 16:40