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#Collabfest2017 part five: Bristol, Dundee, Kungsholmen, Liverpool

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Back to the Bush to wrap up day 2. Hi Pisci!

17. Lost and Grounded Brewers / BrewDog Bristol: Dig That Well Deep (Dunkel Lager, 5.20%)
Sweet toastiness and caramel on the nose, again possibly served a little too cold. A little more interesting than you'd expect from a lager, a bit like a Brooklyn but not as great as the one from Berlin we had earlier. You keep expecting it to get more interesting as it gets warmer, but it doesn't really. Not a particularly exciting beer, not a particularly exciting style.

18. 71 Brewing / BrewDog Dundee: Collaborator (Doppelbock, 7.20%)
Mainly honey flavour (possibly from the malts) with a slight floral note, but not much going on apart from that. Another blandish German style. We've had more interesting and more chewy doppelbocks in Germany this year, I think - "I can't imagine monks living on this," says The BBG.

19. Hyllie Bryggeri / BrewDog Kungsholmen: HyllIPAn (Belgian IPA, 6.50%)
After a couple of bland ones in a row, a proper hop bomb to make up for it. Sometimes all you want is a really good IPA. Slightly different from the usual, not quite sure what the 'Belgian' thing is that distinguishes it - maybe a slight sweetness, possibly from the yeast.

20. Black Lodge / BrewDog Liverpool: The Floor is Java (Black Treacle and coffee IPA, 5.50%)
One of the beers people seem to be talking about this year (we watched it sell out before our very eyes at Soho last night). It's coffee all the way down, the most coffeey beer The BBG can recall since the Abstrakt that was three types of coffee and booze (AB17, apparently). The nose hits you even when you're a good six inches away from the glass. Technically it's our bedtime beer - we're not actually going to bed, but we're on another non-BrewDog social engagement for the rest of the evening - and this would work very nicely in that role.
21st Oct 2017, 18:41