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#Collabfest2017 part six: Glasgow, Camden, Nottingham, Sodermalm

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Brunch at Shepherd's Bush to launch our final day, and the board of available beers is looking a little battered, with gaps indicating that several have been drunk dry. Theoretically, the bars are capable of letting everyone know online in real time which ones are still left: in practice, that ain't happening. Getting hold of our final 14 beers will be a combination of using any information that happens to get tweeted, and pure dumb luck. Wish us the latter...

21. Fyne Ales with Out Of Town / BrewDog Glasgow (Kelvingrove): Fountain Mountain (Lemon Sherbet Grisette, with Lemons, Citra and Sorachi Ace, 4.40%)
A fruity foursome to start the day (apart from the one that isn't). Not overpoweringly lemony, soft rather than sharp, but with enough of a tang to make it interesting, which gets stronger as it goes down. (The BBG discovers that a grisette is a lighter version of a saison originally made for miners. Fancy that.)

22. Brewheadz / BrewDog Camden: Passionate Morning Cuppa (Passion Fruit & Keemun Tea Oatmeal Pale Ale, 5.00%)
The little information we've been able to glean in advance about the bars we're visiting today suggests that Camden has run out of its own beer, so we'll have to drink it here instead. The passion fruit is absolutely there, attacking your nose as you raise the glass and lingering all the way down. The hints of tea in the background add another refreshing layer. Apparently they don't serve brunch at the Camden bar, so I can only assume they've all been drinking this instead - it's a rather lovely breakfast beer. (And dangerously gluggable for a five per center.)

23. Black Iris Brewery / BrewDog Nottingham: Nuclear Nuts (Pistachio White Stout, 4.40%)
Warning! Contains nuts. (Like most people born before the eighties, we assume that nut allergies are all made up because nobody had them in our day, but we'll give you the warning anyway.) The BBG thinks it's a bit like a pistachio cream soda, pleasantly drinkable like the previous one but not as exciting. Loses its flavour as time goes on: by the end it's really just fizz with a rapidly fading nut flavour.

24. Örebro Brygghus / BrewDog Södermalm: Passion Fur Berlin (Passionfruit Berliner Weisse, 3.90%)
Initially smells just like a glass of passion fruit juice: drink it, and it tastes like that too. There's a tiny amount of tingle in there, but only a little. Loses some flavour over time, but still keeps that incredible nose. Nice and zingy. If nothing else, we must have got ?most of our five a day by now, and that's all from a single pub.
22nd Oct 2017, 14:52