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#Collabfest2017 part seven: Southampton, Newcastle, Castlegate, Clapham, Birmingham

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Yes, five, deal with it. We're basically mopping up stragglers by now and don't want to miss out on any.

25. Unity Brewing Co / BrewDog Southampton: Tango in the Night (Black Saison, 6.00%)
It says black saison, and that's basically what you're getting. The BBG thinks there are hints of something from the malts she likes at the end but can't identify, "...possibly sais?" The description says licorice and cold brewed coffee, but we're not really getting either.

26. Almasty Brewing Co / BrewDog Newcastle: Sixteen Letter IPA (IPA, 7.00%)
As someone at the Bush bar was suggesting earlier, "it's called that because there are sixteen letters in the name." Hoppy, but quite sweet and fruity with it, in the style of the East Coast IPAs that are so fashionable these days (though you do get a little bitterness right at the end). Doesn't feel especially boozy, given its ABV.

27. Speyside Brewery / BrewDog Castlegate: Pina Collaba (Pina Colada Milkshake IPA, 5.00%)
Odd mixture of tastes that doesn't really separate out into anything. The BBG's second least favourite behind the WeirdBeard, with an unpleasant slight musty taste - I wouldn't go that far, but to me it's the drink equivalent of the brown colour you get when you mush up all your Plasticines together. Wouldn't be any better with an umbrella in it, says The BBG.

28. The Gipsy Hill Brewing Co / BrewDog Clapham: Dayman (Oatmeal (milk) Pale Ale, 3.60%)
Looks oddly fizzy in the glass compared with the rest of the flight. A floral fruity nose, quite a bit on the palate too, without being as aggressively fruity as some of the ones from earlier today. Definitely the session beer of the 34, one you feel you could drink large amounts of without it breaking you.

29. Burning Soul / BrewDog Birmingham: SoulDog IPA (IPA, 7.00%)
This one sold out literally as The BBG was queueing at the bar at Shepherd's Bush earlier, so we fell on this as soon as we saw it again - hence the five beer flight. Nothing odd going on in the recipe, but this isn't the fruit bomb that 16 Letter was, with a bit more old school IPA bitterness (and I'm getting a bit more of a malty finish at the end than she is).
22nd Oct 2017, 16:49