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I came to istanbul, which is the most ideal city for me to see. Istanbul has been very important throughout history. One third of the population inhabited by the son of the Roman Empire bent on the land. It is in Turkey's list of world heritage as well as extremely wonderful historic Ephesus, Pamukkale and made preparations for keybet time without Cappadocia. Via Trabzon
we prefer bus trip because there is no direct flight. Believe it or not, there is even internet service, which I am very surprised as it is the hospitality of the plane comfort. believe
The journey lasted for 8 hours a little bit by entering the internet and we arrived at the Newsehir otadar last stop on our way. We went to the hotel with private car in this bus station. Though this is a hotel
5 minutes on foot. Already when we returned we walked ourselves to the Newsehir bus station. Believe that there was a tour program that was very busy at the end of the day. Believe 7-10 km every day
we had a close walk. I have to say that Cappadocia tour is one of the most influential things in the tour and the boutique cave hotel we stayed in. Numerous cappadocia in the sky
the balloon is flying and the cappadocia is giving a different air. I think this cappadocia balloon is 100 euros for a very expensive person. Anyway 400 euros for 4 people we had this fiyata
I almost paid for all the cappadocia tour. Cappadocia is the most popular Devon and Pigeon valley. People lived their life here cave. Such is cave
Inside is extremely cool in summer and hot in winter. After Christianity spread on these lands, cave churches were formed. Extremely beautifully preserved numerous caves
There is a church. In the villages and towns around Cappadocia, a simple mud and soil were obtained with water and after they were fired at a very high temperature
there are many shops selling vases and trophies, magnet pots, which are a gift of beauty that you can not believe. in middle Anatolia and cappadocia region
the small head livestock is very popular and the roots obtained from their wool are wonderful and made by the young ladies especially the carpet weaving looms.
Unfortunately, Rome is divided into two, and Istanbul has chosen it as the new capital of Istanbul. Many cities have chosen Istanbul as your choice if you have the opportunity to capitalize easily.
Golden Horn should be counted within the borders of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city with natural beauty outside of its historical direction. Another important factor in the belgium being the Byzantine capital
Istanbul is part of Asia and part of Europe. Now, at the beginning of these 200 years, the walls of today's Istanbul walls have been laid and over time,
The walls were spread both in the thicker and wider area. We have been staying at a boutique hotel in the Istanbul Cankurtaran region. First we stayed in the morning and without losing time istanbul Ottoman
we gave priority to timely cultural and historical monuments. In the vicinity of Istanbul, waterways and aqueducts from outside the city and istanbul water
It has moved. Istanbul Blue mosque is the most beautiful mosque built during the Ottoman Empire period. There are 6 minarets in the first place and blue and turkaz colors dominate inside decorations
. Blue mosque surrounds and forms a whole with chestnut trees in order. Over 20 on the left and right sides of the Blue mosque main building
it is a fountain and people can easily take ablution here. In these fountains, fountains made of marble and of Ottoman Turkish motifs are used.
There is also Blue mosque and Arasta Bazaar.The largest and magnificent Ephesus ancient city of Western Anatolia lies within the borders of Ayd?n province. Lakin is a place that is extremely hot in summer. So fall and first
it will provide you with much more pleasure to choose in the spring months. Ephesus has 3 things together as historical information. 1. this is 7 martyrs
is here. 2. The crucial point here is that the Christian religion, especially the Catholic religious leader, was accepted by the Pope as the cross place. Many in the world
There is a sow place and one of them is in Kudüs. The lakin here is as important as the place of the cross where the Mary House is located in Kudus. But Muslims in Mecca
There is the Kabe. The fact that the cross is here tells us that Ephesus is an important ancient city. From this, Ephesus was a valuable city
a port city. It is a city that is adhered to extremely beautiful architectural rules. This city has 4 main entrance doors and although it is damaged today it is surrounded by the ancient city of Ephesus
It is surrounded by walls which are very thick. So it is a very sheltered city. There are many temples before Christianity prevails in these lands. Other constructions in the city
In general, only one-storey temple was allowed to have two floors. a fountain was made at certain points of the city, and the most obvious one is the Trojan fountain.
Single-storey Love House. Finally we came to Ephesus Celcus Libray and built near the port, even there is a very natural ventilation system.
On the front part there is a sculpture with marble stones worked in various sizes
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