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#Collabfest2018 part 1: @BrewDogCanaryW

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?Collabfest! We've been doing it since 2013, and Moblogging it since 2014, so you may already be aware of how it works. Every year, each of BrewDog's bars teams up with a local brewery to make an original beer. Then for Collabfest, all the beers go on sale in all of the bars. In 2014, that was sixteen beers to be consumed over one day: now, it's grown to around fifty beers over four days. 
The Belated Birthday Girl and I are trying to do both this and the London Film Festival over the next four days, so let's see how we get on with the whole liveblogging as we go. Two disclaimers: 1) we're sharing 1/3 pint sample glasses between the two of us so we don't get too drunk: 2) as Moblog is virtually obsolete now, I can't log in to fix any errors after I've posted them, so be gentle with me.We're opening up our Collabfest at the brand new Canary Wharf bar, so brand new that it doesn't even open till tomorrow - we're at the shareholders' preview. So that the staff don't get too freaked out on their first day, only five of the fifty-ish festival beers are available here, and we're going for four of them.
1. Angel / Two Tribes: Dry Your Ryes Mate (Red Rye Session IPA, 4.8%)Initially approached the flight from the wrong end, but on second attempt this is definitely the red rye IPA. Nice bitterness to it, and more of an IPA flavour than those bloody NEIPAs that everyone's doing now. Nice bit of fruitiness to it, too.
2. Clerkenwell / Yeastie Boys: Hippo’s Can Fly (Bretted Norwegian Farmhouse IPA, 7.0%)If it's not bloody NEIPAs it's bloody Bretts, of course. Some of that fashionable fermentation was always going to be part of this collection, I suppose (though The BBG doesn't mind them as much as I do). Actually, not too much of that funky taste in there: it's more of a tingle at the back than anything else, with a nice balance of brettosity alongside the hops.
3. Shepherd’s Bush / Partizan: The W. Collins (White Negroni Saison, 6.0%)A high court judge writes: What is a Negroni? Neither of us can remember, so The BBG has to look it up (I'm using my phone for, um, writing this) and it turns out it's gin, vermouth and Campari. She's getting some of that, though to me it initially tastes like the sort of things you'd mix in chemistry class to poison the daft kid (yeah, don't deny you used to do that). It gets better after a few mouthfuls, but there are all sorts of ketones and things in there that I don't really expect from beer. The BBG thinks it would make a really good aperitif.
4. Camden / Moncada: Buck Craft (Kettle Sour, 6.0%)Sour, but slightly sweet - there's a feel of dried fruits to it, and less of the mouth-puckering sourness that marked our first batch of Collabfest beers in 2017 (I can't do HTML in here any more, so you'll just have to go back through the older Moblog posts and find it for yourself). All these four have been pretty good, none of them outstanding: still, we've got three more days to go...

18th Oct 2018, 19:15