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#Collabfest2018 part 5: @BrewDog7Dials

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Busy old Saturday night at Seven Dials. Still, we've got a table and a couple of hours before we watch a bunch of Cambodians beating each other up, so let's press on with Collabfest.

17. Manchester / Seven Bro7hers: Dunkel Checks In (Chocolate and Banana Dunkelweisse, 5.5%)
On the nose it has lots of the good stuff, not so much when you actually drink it, though a bit of weisseness at the tail end. Feels to me like a kids' version of an AB beer, in that it's got some of the flavour but not enough of the body. It's actually quite a nice flavour, there's just not enough of it.

18. Seven Dials / Brewheadz: Stairway to Seven (Black IPA, 5.8%)
The beer of the bar, which is always nice to do if you get the chance. The BBG's more of a fan of the style than I am, but I actually rather like this one: there's a bit of floral sweetness rather than the booziness I'd expect (and more than she'd expect, too), albeit with a bit of bitterness at the back of the tongue. Could do with a little more intensity, but not as lacking in flavour as the previous one.

19. Southampton / Wild Weather: Champ. Membrane (Brut IPA, 5.8%)
Brut! It's the new NEIPA: in a few months time everyone will be making them all the time, and we'll be sick to death of 'em if we're not already. This one's all right: neither of us have had enough Bruts yet to really see what they're trying to do, as none of the ones we've had before have the promised bone dryness. It's still got the same flavours as a NEIPA (or as it's referred to in our household, One Of Those) when you get down to it.
20. Brussels / No Science: Psycho (Table Beer, 6.0%)
Only the frickin' Belgians would see 6% as a sensible strength for a table beer. Actually, it's a lot like a typical Belgian blonde with a bit more bitterness to it, and doesn't taste as strong as it claims to be. Maybe they make tables stronger over there.
20th Oct 2018, 20:04