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Why Urgent Care Centers are gaining popularity

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In recent years, visits to urgent care clinics have increased by 119% among commercially insured Americans. Why have urgent care centers become so popular? What has made people want to change, and thereby search online for an urgent care center near me? It’s clear that more and more patients are looking for a convenient alternative, rather than waiting for hours at the hospital ER, or for days to see their Primary Care Physician. Consider the following 4 positive reasons as to why these clinics have become so appealing.

1. You can access them after hours

The number one reason seems to be the convenience of receiving after-hours medical treatment, whether it’s on the weekend or during the evening hours. You never know when a sore throat will crop up. And you can’t always leave work to see a doctor on short notice. That’s where urgent care centers come in. Many people are therefore asking “Is there an urgent care center near me”? The answer in most cases is yes, because they are expanding and opening up new locations all the time. Even during the late afternoon hours, or after school, children can receive treatment for insect or animal bites, minor burns, or even be given certain vaccinations. And unlike conventional doctor’s offices, no appointments are necessary. Some locations are open on holidays as well.

2. You can be seen by a medical doctor

Some physicians have taken on too many patients, and therefore have a shortage of available slots for appointment times. Moreover, in some places there is a shortage of doctors, and such offices aren’t accepting any new patients. Either way, some people are simply left without an option. At an urgent care center, you will always find a doctor that can treat you.

3. They’re easier on the wallet

These urgent care clinics provide quality medical care at more reasonable rates. They often prove to be an affordable option for everyone. Even if you aren’t insured or are under-insured, these clinics can be very reasonable. Many insurance plans are accepted, however if you’re not sure, feel free to contact them to confirm that you’ll have coverage. If you were to rush to a hospital’s ER for any reason, you would definitely be paying more out-of-pocket fees. In the case of a rising fever, for example, it may not be considered an emergency, but it still warrants medical attention. If your health insurance plan doesn’t cover this, then you can expect to receive a massive bill. On the other hand, visiting an urgent care center for non-life threatening conditions is less expensive.

4. Many convenient locations
It’s not always easy to find a doctor close to home. You may have to travel a considerable distance to reach your family physician. However, when it comes to urgent care centers, you can easily find them in residential & retail sectors as they continue to open new locations. Just perform an online search by typing in: urgent care center near me. No doubt you’ll find many locations as a result.
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