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15 Web Design Trends 2018

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The importance of establishing and curating a well-designed website in today’s internet-dominated global climate is hardly a secret.
A strong online presence is a prerequisite to a blooming business enterprise, but just what marks the difference between a page that does little more than take up a domain name and a conversion optimized powerhouse?
This fundamental difference seems difficult for some business owners to grasp – a common misconception is that as long as the end result has visual appeal, the rest will come on its own. The reality is much more complex – a few pretty graphics and a font to match do not a website make. A company’s web page is often the first place a potential customer interacts with a brand and there’s an entire science behind utilizing various design elements in order to leave a positive impression, increase engagement and drive conversion rates. This is reflected in the newest website design tendencies. While there are many approaches to successful web design, some definitive trends have emerged.
To learn more about the most interesting web design trends 2018 has to offer, check out our infographic below for key web design facts, stats and components:

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