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What you need to know about the CDR Report Review Process

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Many engineers fail to maneuver through the CDR Report Review Process by Engineers Australia (EA) successfully because they do not understand it well. CDR writing experts at WriteCDR have worked with hundreds of clients win the EA approval and have learnt several secrets that can guarantee success for someone writing a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR):
Summary Statement is the face of Your CDR Report
Most EA assessor start reading your CDR with the Summary Statement (SS). The SS table is used as a reference point to see which competencies, skills and knowledge you've covered in your Career Episodes (CEs).
To make sure you cover all the competencies, start by reading through the points covered in the SS table as well as the detail of your engineering discipline (by its ANZSO Code). Try to cover at least five or six tasks and responsibilities in each CEs.
Design Components carry highest weightage
Engineers Australia really value designing elements you have worked on. Hence, try to base at least two of your career episodes on the designs you have worked on and include all the details related to them.
Focus on Technical Problems you tackled as an Engineer
The EA assessors are looking forward to see how good are your engineering skills and how you apply those skills to solve real-world problems. Hence, base your career episodes on problems relevant to your discipline and how you worked to find their solution.
You may also mention the engineering and technical calculations you did during the project, the process you used, and the result and outcome of the project in brief. But make sure that you do not go too deep here. In fact, you include the detailed file as the evidence that you have really done the work you claim to have done.
Pay attention to the EA guidelines
The Engineers Australia guidelines ask you to write your Career Episodes as narrative essays - in first person and in active voice. They also tell you how to number the paragraphs and to use Australian English as far as possible.
EA pays close attention to how well you follow the guidelines. If you fail to follow them properly, the assessors may think that you are not interested in following rules and norms - which can put them off.
To know more about the CDR Report Review process and how can experts help you in sailing through it easily, contact WriteCDR.