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Among numerous affiliate networks Biggico stands out on several fronts. Though not two years on the market, this company has already grown immensely, gaining momentum as it befriends new affiliates and establishes partnerships with more advertisers. Naturally, some are wondering what this project is all about.
Well, Biggico started out as a crypto affiliate network. Almost a pioneer in the field, the company promoted the most promising startups in the budding sphere. Regardless of how far the promotion used to go, the popularity of crypto field took a decline, taking with it all of the high-quality products truly worth using.
Under the circumstances, the company had to take a detour and come up with a new direction to explore. Now Biggico focuses on trading and gambling offers which show the highest conversion on the market. Each programs undergoes scrupulous analyses by the team of specialists in terms of reliability, stability and profitability. Once the decision is taken to come on board with the advertiser, managers in Biggico work hard to establish warm and reciprocal relationship with their newly found partners to lay out stable foundation to build lasting partnership.
As far as work with affiliates is concerned, Biggico takes the most personal approach there can be. Getting acquainted with the newcomer in a cordial manner, personal manager carefully studies the features of traffic that the affiliate is willing to share, and chooses the most suitable offers in accordance with the drawn picture. The promotional advice is given on the basis of optimal methods and tricks for the given type of traffic. As a result, Biggico takes pride in helping affiliates find the best way of monetizing their traffic with minimum effort.
28th Feb 2019, 14:47