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Why is a cast iron bath better?

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Bathroom - a room where we can relax, because
should carefully select all the details. Warm water with
all sorts of oils, foam - a great way to bring and
body, and thoughts in order, and also get rid of stress.
Modern manufacturers offer cast iron baths and
Cast iron has the following advantages:
- durability, retains heat for a long time;
- durable, smooth, resistant to corrosion;
- classic bathroom shape will fit into any interior;
- care without special means, it is very easy to wash.
The disadvantage is the weight of the bath, as well as enamel coating,
which ages and loses its shine after a while. Also
The enamel is very fragile and leaves chipped on impact.
Acrylic baths are very diverse and capable
satisfy the most demanding customers. Their
- a variety of models and forms, each will select a model by
necessary parameters;
- acrylic - durable and elastic material, not inferior to cast iron;
- fairly long warranty from manufacturers;
- keep warm for as long as possible, not so cold with
the very beginning of the bath, as cast-iron;
- You can polish them to restore the original appearance;
-any chips and scratches can be easily restored;
- wide selection of equipment (handles, headrests, showers)
curtains, decorative panels).
Acrylic baths are very susceptible to high temperatures,
above 100 degrees. If the manufacturer has taken care of the release
quality product - it will not shine through, and when
pressed to bend.
When choosing a quality bath you need to carefully read.
with all sorts of characteristics, choose an option based on
their requirements. Pricing is almost the same because
Everyone can choose the model that is suitable for the design,
quality and manufacturer.
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