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Hi, if you like musicals and you like the songs. You can go to my website and find any musical . Musical theater as a special form of art was formed by mixing several directions of creativity. Musicals are able to tell a classic story in a completely new way, more piercing and deep, and make the author's modern play popular at one moment. In the context of prosaic reality, is this not a miracle generated by music, colors, voice and a powerful emotional message coming from heart to heart?
What is a musical
This is a theater show where vocal and dance performances are present, in addition to the dialogues between the heroes of the performance. Any musical is a form of narration. The story may have a purely dramatic or historical basis, talk about love, sincere feelings, or contain deep political, philosophical or social overtones. Whatever the plot, it must be embodied in such a way that the public has the opportunity to enjoy a fantastically spectacular performance that can evoke a real emotional response.
Genre finally took shape in the United States. In the 30s of the last century, the stronghold of a democratic device plunged into the so-called Great Depression. In those difficult times, musicals, colorful, dynamic, “alive”, acquired the status of vents for people who were in constant concern for their future. This circumstance helps to understand how far-reaching the impact of art is on the psychological state of a person. Musical in this way is the most simple, affordable, "lightweight" form.
A conditional stronghold of successful musicals is considered Broadway. Theaters on this street in New York can boast an enviable repertoire, as well as the title of the premiere venue for performances, which later became the highest-grossing and won phenomenal popularity. In the current reality, the production of one musical included in the Broadway repertoire costs several million dollars
23rd May 2019, 17:33