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Hi, if you doubt why you need a walkie-talkie, I can give you this and advise which one is better. You can always contact me
Indeed, why do we need a walkie-talkie when there is internet and a mobile phone? It seems that we have enough of all this for the eyes. If you do not understand the root of the issue, it may seem that there is not much point in using radio stations. But as they say it only, it seems. We are accustomed to the fact that on the walkie-talkie basically either special services, or security guards, or very rich people, or traffic police communicate. And no one else can use radio stations. In fact, it is not. Ordinary civilians can also use radio. For them, even allocated three bands (27 MHz, 443 MHz, 446 MHz). Not because it was done ?!
Radio stations are also subject to technical progress and are now a high-tech communication tool that can be used in many areas.
Even despite the fact that mobile communication is very common - it does not mean that its possibilities are endless. Sometimes it's better to use radios after all. In short, depending on the situation, you can apply a mobile phone, and somewhere a radio station.
So, where can we use radios?
1) In the hike
The most convenient way is to use radios, especially when a group is divided, and each member of the group performs some personal task (search for a place to rest, walk across the river).
2) At the cottage
With the help of radio stations, it is easy to gather the whole family for dinner, keep in touch with those who went to the forest to pick mushrooms, call the children for a walk and much more. Moreover, it is worth remembering the fact that cellular communication practically does not catch cellular communication in the forest, unlike radio communication.
3) At the ski resort
In the mountains, it is always better to take radios with you, they catch much better than cell phones. At the ski resort, of course, cellular communication is supported, but you can get to places where cellular communication will be unavailable. Walkie-talkies will be indispensable if you ride a group with friends. Thanks to him, you can always maintain a quality connection. Plus, the radio stations are well protected from moisture, they are not afraid of snow, but the mobile phone will not be all the same.
4) During a bike or horse ride
Such walks usually take place as a group. During the ride or race, the radio will, by the way, especially if it will be necessary to contact the closing one, so that, by how much there is a separation from the group.
5) With various games, for example - paintball
The game will be even more intense and exciting when using radios. Imperceptibly talking to one another can discuss further action plans or unexpectedly attack opponents.
6) On fishing, hunting
The key to successful fishing and hunting is silence. Radios will help you with this. Especially if you buy a radio station with support for the function of shakes. You do not have to raise your voice, and even being out of sight, you can still communicate without problems.
These are the most common areas of application for radio stations, but there are many more. It does not make sense to list them all, the main thing is to assimilate for yourself that the walkie-talkie is also a very useful and modern thing, and is no worse than mobile phones.
Moreover, it is necessary not to forget the obvious advantages of radio stations from mobile phones:
First of all, walkie-talkies are, first of all, free communication! There is no monthly fee, per-minute billing, expensive roaming. In terms of saving your money - is a very good solution.
Secondly, using the radio, you no longer depend on the service area, the radio will work everywhere, even where there is no coverage for cellular communications, and mobile phones do not work.
Thirdly, the ease of connection. You will no longer need to dial any number or frantically search for his electronic notebook. They pressed the button - they started talking.
Fourthly, on radio stations, it is possible to communicate in a group, you cannot repeat such miracles on your mobile.
I think that thanks to this small review, you will no longer ask yourself: why do we need a radio? And you'll look at the radio, not as a technical backwardness, but as a modern competitor mobile phone.
24th May 2019, 19:03