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Hi, here is everything you need to know to tinker with the bathroom. If you have already come to the conclusion that you are not getting younger and it is time to take care of maximum comfort, it's time to make repairs in the bathroom so that it remains comfortable for you for dozens of years.
It is no secret that we make repairs in the bathroom for years, because the tiles traditionally used in this room are durable material. And the fact that now for you is an acceptable and beautiful option of arrangement, in a few years it can be inconvenient and simply dangerous. We have already written what devices can help in caring for a disabled person or an elderly person who already finds it difficult to cope on his own. But now let's talk about how to arrange your bathroom in advance so that after a few years it remains as comfortable as possible for you. Let's take the standard bathroom combined with the bathroom and see what needs to be changed in it so that it remains safe and comfortable. We refuse baths in favor of the shower. Agree that to climb over the high sides of the bath is much more dangerous and much less convenient than simply overstepping the low threshold of the shower stall. Therefore, it is necessary to think about this option; However, if you do not intend to abandon the bath, you should make sure that its sides are as thin and low as possible. If possible, the bath can simply be "drowned" in a specially constructed podium with steps; The shower cabin itself, if you made a choice in its favor with a long-range view on a comfortable old age, should be as comfortable as possible. Porozhek - minimal, and better without it at all, with a seat and a height-adjustable shower head, so that you can wash while sitting on a stool; Make sure that all bathroom accessories are close by, not to reach for the cabinet in the wet, at the risk of slipping; By the way, about the risk of slipping: let the tile on the floor be matte, textured, and there will be a mat on it, always a special one, adhering to the surface and definitely not falling off on level ground; Raise the toilet or buy a special, higher model. Let the seat of the "faience friend" be placed at a height of not 40 cm (standard indicator), but 48-50 cm. It will be more convenient to sit down and stand up;
You should also take care of the comfortable height of the sink, let it be approximately like a kitchen worktop - 85–87 cm;
We must not forget how you will have to wash the bathroom, when it will not be so easy to bend and kneel. It is better to give up the glass inserts and the door, which will have to constantly rub, getting rid of traces of drops and drips. From the point of view of cleaning the toilet hanging on the wall is much more convenient, you will not have to wash its foot; It is necessary to take care of the correct lighting, so that even a person with poor eyesight can see everything that is needed. Illumination at the mirror, bright lamps with high power will help illuminate every corner of the bath;
Handrails, of course, do not over-decorate the appearance of the bathroom, but they can become a necessity if a very elderly person who needs support is used in the shower, sink, toilet.
Nobody wants to grow old, we understand, it is sometimes difficult to even think about it. But this is the reality of our life, so our tips will help you create a comfortable and safe space in the bathroom for many years.
28th May 2019, 16:15