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Good day on our website you can find any cosmetic product. Cosmetics combines the properties of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Along with the traditional components used in the beauty industry, therapeutic agents contain substances that affect the biological function of the skin.
Cosmetics every year is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Effective remedies often used in combination with drugs, as a rule, have a highly targeted action and solve a specific dermatological problem. This may be the improvement of skin tone and structure, reduction of its sensitivity and the prevention of irritation, the fight against excessive dryness, acne treatment, protection from the sun.
Cosmeceuticals preparations are usually more effective than the means of mass demand, due to the high content of active ingredients. The composition of medical cosmetics contains a minimum dose of preservatives, and there are no artificial flavors, perfume and other impurities. Cosmeceuticals goes on sale only after serious clinical trials, which should prove its high performance and safety.
Medical cosmetics, however, like any other, produced serially. Each brand represents its own line of skin care products with a particular problem, the treatment of a dermatological disease. Practically in each series there are means for complex care, not only for the face, but also for the body.
At each age, the skin requires different care, so the cosmetics for young, mature and aging skin will be different for ages. Young skin (from 18 to 23 years) requires a good cleansing, moisturizing and toning. Often there is a tendency to acne. To the care of mature skin (from 23 to 30 years), a more saturated diet is added, prevention of aging, and maintenance of tone. Aging skin (from 35 years old) requires a more intense effect on the signs of aging. Means of this series intensively moisturize, nourish, fight wrinkles, pigment spots, return the tone and contours of the face. Anti-cellulite lines for all ages have also been developed for the body.
Nails also have various problems: stratification, breakage, dullness and dehydration. To solve each, a separate series of care and treatment. They include various varnishes, gels, creams and serums, cuticle and nail polish removers.
When choosing cosmetics you should not be afraid of chemical substances contained in it. Without these substances, it is simply impossible to achieve the correct texture of the tools and they will stratify. Also often people are afraid of the presence of preservatives. But how else to keep the cream at least for a short time? All of these “frightening” substances also undergo thorough safety studies, so do not worry about this. It is necessary to apply cosmetics courses. After all, any medicine in large doses becomes poison. Also with cosmeceuticals. With continued use, new problems may arise, which will be more difficult to handle. Even on medical cosmetics may be individual intolerance. It is impossible to predict in advance.

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