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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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los lunas, new mexico.
(no, I couldn't figure out how it ended up masculine feminine, either.
my two guesses were- a. stupid americans, and b. maybe places are
masculine? I've never bothered to look into it because I figured it
was a. )

this is typical, by the way. it's why NM has more photographers than
you can shake a stick at.
(you can't take bad pictures, it's such a nice place.)

also, now is probably a good time to remind people that I don't have a
creative commons lisc. and you'd need to ask before using anything I
post. on one hand, I don't give a fsck, on the other, I really do,
because I'm about to attempt to suppourt myself based on images I
take/create/ blah blah blah.
I get ill seeing art-wank friends of mine get into trouble with issues
on the topic, so, I generally don't post anything I care about/ may
want to use for something/ a project, at a later point, but I've been
really lax with my moblog, and I'd hate to change that, now.

although, i think i posted a smaller version of this, already? I'll look. if so, I'll post my other favorite desktop shot.
edit: nope, I was just thinking of this, the journal I kept, there, that I pasted a tiny version of this picture on. : D
5th Oct 2005, 22:28  

Spike says:

ace pic alexis,

6th Oct 2005, 00:48

crickson says:

...ah... one of your pictures is still a desktop on a lab computer.

I'd be delighted if you billed my old supervisor : )

6th Oct 2005, 10:44

kelly (NLI) says:

beautiful silhouttes :)

6th Oct 2005, 12:51

alexis says:

bwahaha : ) I think i'll pass on billing, but, it's good to know.

and, thanks spike, kelly.

6th Oct 2005, 15:08