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Hi, if you are interested in guitars

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Hi, if you are interested in guitars and you are already looking after something go to our website and I will help you to find. Jazz is a type of musical art that originated in the USA in the 19th century and emerged from a combination of features of European and African cultures (based on improvisation, uneven rhythm and tempo).
Jazz guitars are as close as possible to classical ones. These are usually the usual acoustic Western guitars (guitars with metal strings) on which the pickups are installed, or these are the so-called arktop (Archtop) guitars. Arktop guitar, it’s also empty inside (hollowbody) guitar, the body of which is also composite; shell, upper and lower deck glued together. Arktop guitar resembles a violin due to the convex shape of the upper and lower deck, there are arctop guitars on the upper deck and resonator holes “efs” that the violin has. ). Then, in order to diversify the sound palette, the producers began to install and the second pickup (bridge) appeared on the arctopes and the timbre block. Arktop with 2 humbuckers today is a standard, but to this day many jazz guitarists prefer canonical arctopes. Another point related arktop and violin is the construction of the bridge. Such guitars have a fixed bridge (as a rule, it is made of solid types of wood: rosewood, ebony); such a bridge is held in place due to the clamping action of the strings. Due to the above design features of these guitars, their sound is most suitable for the performance of jazz. These guitars have a soft, lively sound with a bias in the middle and lower frequencies of the sound spectrum. Sustain (the time of string playing) in hollowbody guitars is not as big as in whole wooden guitars, but the attack is not so sharp, and taking into account the fact that playing jazz chord sequences or improvisation is a constant change of notes, here simply by definition no sustained sustain is required . Jazz guitar does not require high sustain, so you can choose from hollow (arctop) with a single sensor (single). The softness of the sound is important here.

5th Jun 2019, 13:21