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#Collabfest2019 round 1: BrewDog Shepherds Bush

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1. Bologna & Birra di Fiemme - Hopriginal (Alpine Pilsner, 5.0%)
It's a lager. It's a decent one, crisp with a nice level of bitterness, but not really our thing - we just picked it because if the published tap lists are to believed, we won't get to see it anywhere else this weekend. It's a starter beer, and okay for that.

2. Reykjavik & ÆGIR Brugghús - Who Let the Jam Out (Fruited Sour, 6.5%)
More fruity than jammy - not puckeringly sour, but as the fruit fades the sourness comes through as a mild afterburn, which gets even milder as your palate gets used to it. Likeable, but as they used to say on a film board of our acquaintance, it's The Shawshank Redemption of sour beers, because it's frequently cited as a favourite film by people who don't like films very much. (You can kind of see why they had to shut the board down.)

3. Stirling & Fallen - Black is the New Orange (Belgian Chocolate Orange Stout, 7.1%)
Okay, that's a good name (a few years late, though). Not quite the Terry's Chocolate Orange In Booze Form we were hoping for: not much chocolate, and the orange is more of a floral note in the aftertaste. We think there may be a bit more chocolate as it warms up, so we nip to the next beer for a bit and then come back: there's a little more of a velvety mouthfeel that makes you think of chocolate rather than actually tasting of it. I think of it more as a tribute band to chocolate orange stouts than the real thing, but The BBG likes it despite it not being what she expected.

4. Shepherd’s Bush & Brick Brewery - Twice Shy (Coconut Double IPA, 8.1%)
Not much coconut in the mouth - more on the nose at the start and in the aftertaste at the end, though that might be the chocolate stout messing with our tastebuds. Very much One Of Those, as we tend to refer to all those non-see-through IPAs everyone does now. As we keep on drinking it goes more peach than coconut, though that's not such a bad thing.
17th Oct 2019, 22:15