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#Collabfest2019 round 2: BrewDog Camden

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5. Camden & Two Tribes - Rhubarb Remix (Rhubarb & Rosemary Sour, 4.6%)
Starting day 2 like day 1, with a lager, but a slightly more interesting one (i.e. less lager-tasting, so the traditional lager drinkers may not like it as much). The fruity and herby twists are subtle (I'd say very subtle, though The BBG wouldn't go that far), with the rosemary most obvious on the nose and the rhubarb giving it its sour edge. Again, a nice gentle beginning to the proceedings.

6. Peterhead & Brew Toon - Algae it a Gose (Blueberry Gose, 5.1%)
Ah, Scottish wordplay humour. Fruity from the word go, although not immediately obvious it's blueberry. The BBG says there's a high note in the flavour that reminds her of Earl Grey tea, though it's a little uncertain. I'm thinking of it more as Hard Vimto. Both approaches are valid, I guess. Possibly you'd expect a Gose to be a bit saltier than this is, though it comes through a bit more as time goes on.

7. Malmo & Rocket Brew Co - Laika Forever (Sour IPA, 6.2%)
BrewDog bars frequently tweet pictures of canine visitors with the caption Dog In Bar Klaxon: well, this is Dog In Space Klaxon. (I'm getting a 7 Seconds Of Love earworm as a result.) A bit more properly sour, but pretty good with it, and that's Mr BrewDog-Built-A-Whole-Brewery-With-My-Share-Money-To-Make-Beer-That-Tastes-Like-It's-Gone-Off-The-Bastards talking here (i.e. me). The BBG, who's much more of a fan of the style, is getting vegetal notes off the flavour thanks to the hops, this being an IPA and all.

8. Manchester & Wander Beyond - Manta Meringue (Nitro Lemon Meringue Imperial Milkshake IPA, 9.1%)
Wander Beyond were the stars of this year's Edinburgh Festival: or at least, the imperial stout of theirs that was better than most of the shows we saw. This is the first beer we've had this Collabfest that feels like a special treat - our high expectations of the brewery have been met. You wouldn't want to drink milkshake IPAs all the time, but in small bursts the texture and flavour of this makes it dangerously gluggable, which is always the best possible rating for a Collabfest beer. The BBG suggests that it only tastes like lemon meringue when someone says the words 'lemon meringue' to you: it's more a subtle lemon flavour, with the lactose giving you the meringue bit. It tastes very nice, anyway.

18th Oct 2019, 19:07