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#Collabfest2019 round 3a: BrewDog Dalston

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9. Dalston & Hackney Brewery - Two Hops This Time (DDH Pale Ale, 5.0%)
One Of Those, but decent with it. Hoppy, murky, all the usual things. Not much else to say about it. Sorry, Dalston, I know it's your beer and everything, but still.

10. Helsinki & Fat Lizard - Stepdance Stout (Gluten-Friendly Dry Irish Stout, 4.6%)
Apparently you can't say gluten-free if it comes out of a tap, hence the name. I think it's a little lacking in body, though I may have been spoilt by some of the imperial monsters I've had in the past. Quite nice, though, and I have fond memories of Fat Lizard from our previous Helsinki visits. The BBG thinks it makes a nice change to have a dry stout.

11. Oxford & Double-Barrelled - Shark in My Roof (Imperial Caramel Porter, 7.5%)
During the previous beer as well as this one, we're indulging in the new menu at the Dalston bar, which serves exclusively what Michael Legge has taught us to think of as 'fucking vegan food' - jackfruit burgers loaded with 'cheeze' and 'bacun', that sort of thing. Spelling aside, they're lovely, but it may be impacting our appreciation of the beers. We can't remember what makes a stout different from a porter, but this is a nice one either way, with the caramel really coming through.

12. Perth & Top Out - Red Rosies Bairn (Fruited Hefeweizen, 4,4%)
Even after the triple whammy of a jackfruit burger, cajun fries and a seven per cent porter, this still cuts through on the first mouthful. It's not quite Wu Gang Chops The Tree (the hefeweizen from Pressure Drop that's the best beer currently being brewed in London), but it's rather fine, both as a palate cleanser and a lovely beer in its own right. It grows on you even more as you drink it, surprisingly.

18th Oct 2019, 22:05