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#Collabfest2019 round 3b: BrewDog Dalston

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13. Cardiff & Beer Riff - Basil Crush (Strawberry & Basil Sour, 4.3%)
Definitely got the fruit, not so sure about the basil. Very nice, but suffers a bit in comparison with the Red Rosies Bairn we had immediately before (see previous post). Nice and refreshing for all that.

14. Aberdeen & Six°North - Blue Stack (Blueberry Saison, 6.6%)
Definitely a saison, comes as a shock after a couple of nominal sours. ("Basil Crush was a sour?" says The BBG in disbelief. "It didn't taste of basil, either.") She likes it, whereas it takes me quite a while to get used to it. Still not quite sure by the end of the glass.

15. Birmingham & Glasshouse - Li’l Sebastian (Tart Fruit Pale with Sour Cherry & Vanilla, 6.5%)
What with this and the Terry Needs His Nibs on sale at this year's BrewDog AGM, obscure references to Michael Schur sitcoms in beer names seem to be the in thing now. Someone should call an imperial stout Jeremy Bearimy while there's still time. As advertised, it's a big old collection of mad shit in a single glass - The BBG suggests it's what a beer would be like if you got a six-year-old to design it. As with the previous beer, I'm still not entirely certain if I like it, but coming down more on the positive side as time goes on.

16. Castlegate & Fierce Beer - May Contain Cherry (Imperial Cherry Sour, 10.0%)
Our first double digit beer of this fest. 'Now that's a sour," says The BBG, and it's certainly more obviously one than the earlier beers with that in the name. Definitely cherry too. It's an interesting change to have a sour beer brewed at that sort of strength.

18th Oct 2019, 22:07