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#Collabfest2019 round 6: BrewDog Brixton

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25. Brixton & Gipsy Hill - The Big Kahuna (Peach, Pineapple & Mango Sour, 5.6%)
Big fruit, little sour - having got used to the puckerfests that BrewDog's Overworks operation is regularly churning out, it's interesting to see how many of the sours in this year's fest are taking a more subtle approach to the style. Works quite nicely with our lunch of cauliflower wings, too, even after The BBG chucks extra Dalston Chilli on top of hers.

26. Angel & Brew By Numbers - 08|Porter – Rum Punch (Rum Barrel-Aged Tropical Porter, 5.0%)
We're tempted to put this beer in a 40oz bottle and pour it on the sidewalk, because the Angel bar closed down for the third and final time last month: after separate attempts at running the place as a hot dog joint, a rotating set of pop-up restaurants and a self-brewpub, BrewDog have finally decided they can't make the location work. This porter is basically the last thing they did, and it's a fitting memorial to a compact bar that kept trying to punch above its weight - for a five per cent porter, it's got a fine combination of fruity overtones and apparent booziness. We're slightly freaked out at this point by a punter who spews on the floor next to our table on the way to the toilets, and are slightly mollified by him slipping in it and falling over on the way back.

27. Roma & Eternal City Brewing - H501 (New Zealand Pilsner, 5.0%)
I keep thinking of this as H5N1, which was the name they gave to the Asian bird flu virus, so it's probably a bad name. It's quite a good pilsner, a bit floral-tasting - not quite as lagery as the other lagers we've been having so far. It doesn't deserve to be number 2 on the global Untappd vote as it is at the time of writing: though apparently on the BrewDog shareholder forum, there are accusations of Berlusconi-level vote-rigging being hurled at it. The lager crispness comes through a bit more several mouthfuls in.

28. Merchant City Glasgow & Up Front Brewing - Coconut Sinnerman (Oaked Imperial Coconut Kveik with Cinnamon & Vanilla, 11.0%)
Pretty sure it's around this time every year that we have to look up what a kveik is, and get surprised all over again when we discover that it's a beer made with a Norwegian farmhouse yeast. (Fun fact: Tempest Brewing have made one called Dawson's Kviek.) The BBG wonders if it's made of tonka beans, but in fact it's been constructed out of the three things tonka reminds people of: coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla. It's almost hard to detect the booze under those flavours, although it's got the mouthfeel and body of a chunky boi, as the young people say nowadays.

19th Oct 2019, 17:21