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#Collabfest2019 round 7a: BrewDog Soho

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29. Soho & Hammerton - Brownie Points (Vegan Chocolate Brownie Stout, 5.7%)
Fucking Vegan Stout, again! First chocolate beer this year that's actually tasted chocolatey, which is a good thing. Possibly served too cold, which is ironic given that we're in the only BrewDog bar with temperature controlled lines (maybe just the only one in London, we're not sure). Enjoying it too much in the moment to consider letting it sit around for fifteen minutes, though. The 'brownie' bit seems to be a nice layer of nuttiness around the chocolate.

30. Nice & Blue Coast - Le Blue Dog (Saison, 7.2%)
A Nice saison for a change! Ha ha, I am funny. Actually, it's all right. The BBG suggest it's got a bit more sweetness than you'd usually expect from a saison, possibly a hint of honey or something like that. I can't really think of things to say about saisons, they're just there.

31. Goteborg & Brewgineers - Elderflower Lemon IPA (Gluten-Friendly West Coast IPA, 7.4%)
Another beer for all those friends of gluten out there. It's an IPA, it's got obvious lemon in it, the elderflower takes a bit more effort to find : once you've swilled it round your mouth a bit, the West Coast bitterness starts coming through a bit more.

32. Berlin Mitte & Berliner Berg Brauerei - Dickies B (Elderflower & Mandarin Berliner Weisse, 5.2%)
More elderflower! This time it's actually detectable amongst the Berliner Weisse sourness, along with a hint of the mandarin (or at least some sort of juicy citrus). For a change, the best beer in this flight turns out to be the first one and not the last one.

19th Oct 2019, 20:33