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#Collabfest2019 round 8a: BrewDog Seven Dials

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37. Carlisle & Hawkshead - Costa del Solway (Tart IPA, 7.4%)
One Of Those: works fine in isolation, but we've had too many better ones already this weekend. Possibly slightly more tart than usual, but that's about it.

38. Firenze & Vetra - Vetra Modern Pils (Pilsner, 5.1%)
It's quite a pilsy Pils, and that's about it. I personally can't spot much difference between this and the Holsten we all used to guzzle buckets of in the eighties. Maybe slightly more interest in it than that, but not much.

39. Inverurie & Cromarty - Fight Milk (Chocolate Honeycomb Milk Stout, 6.5%)
I feel I should be keeping the gag going by not talking about this, but I can't do that. The description suggests it'll be Crunchie In Booze Form, and splendidly it's precisely that. It should be our nightcap beer, but we awkwardly have other plans to finish off the night.

40. Norrkoping & Tempel - Jammy Bastard (Fruit Sour, 5.7%)
And before you ask, they're not this one. Hugely sour again, but with lots of fruit attempting in part to counter that. It's okay, but at this point in the proceedings a beer that's just 'okay' doesn't really cut it.

19th Oct 2019, 23:04