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Hi! My name is Timothy, I am 28 years old and I am a programmer at a VR/AR technology firm. Our company, ,can big staff and copes with such interesting things as game development, AI and ML solutions.I am an applied mathematician, I met Unity in university, so that I had been encouraged to perform on the development of a single application. At that time Google had just released its very first SDK (Software Development Kit, a development kit that allows you to make programs for a particular software bundle ) for mobile phones; a new industry - virtual reality - seemed. A friend explained "There is a new technology. Let's try to create a small program. This is how we get to know the business.
I have some projects of my own using friends.Sometimes I do some sort of humanitarian alternative, such as an interview. I start writing books all the time, though I have not finished one yet.From novels I love history and can read there from Rurik to Ivan the Terrible, by the very first Romanov to palace coups. And then I inadvertently jump onto the reference to Alexander the Great. I can stick with it for 2-3 hours per day. I'm sorry I can't reproduce it, but it's cool how people thought of all this, in the cheesecake oven into the Bessemer process.And there's insufficient amusing in my life right now. Books like this have to have displaced movies. Because, in reality, their objective is comparable, but the movies are smaller.
VR/AR technology is quite new, the business is just beginning to get involved in this narrative. Today Oculus GO is outside, the hottest wireless headphones are getting to be more affordable and increasingly more popular. People still need fun, that's why games are developing first of all.Sometimes at work, I unwind walking into the woods and believe, occasionally with a beer play guitar and video games. I'd say it is my hobby to believe and dream.
15th Jul 2020, 14:33