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Beneath golden sands and palm-fringed mountain peaks, a heritage bounty as old as mankind lies buried across Sri Lanka - a tiny island fortress shaped by millennia of myth, battle, stamina and resilience. A modern tribute to its ancient source, Lassanai pairs textural settings with one-of-a-kind gemstone rocks charged with the potent terrain that formed them. Each distinctly unique stone selects its wearer as portal to its origin, channel to its virtues, and a ‘more than meets the eye’ fashion ally to harness inner alpha and conquer today’s turf.

Raw jewelry creations designed by an Australian; handmade in Sri Lanka; based in New York.

Lassanai gemstones are ethically sourced. Sri Lanka is primarily Buddhist, so gem mining is restricted to small scale operations where heavy machinery is forbidden. This is to ensure that no harm comes to any living beings; the earth is minimally impacted; and a more stable source of employment is provided, for more people.
17th Jul 2020, 04:39