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Sergey Krayev is a marketing guru and online business expert who has helped several firms and start-ups around the world secure spectacular success.
The Moldova-born American has served at different positions in a number of organizations including Clickagy, Sage, and Mizuno Corporation.
He is currently Managing Director at Partnership Network as well as Vice President of Strategic Development at Vertical, LLC.
During his carrier spanning over two decades, Sergey Krayev kept his goals high and didn’t stop till he got there. He is a focused strategist and dedicated leader with strong long-term visions and he is always open to new ideas.
He has assisted countless businesses in establishing their brand presence. He puts in his experience and dexterity to help his clients attain their goals and empowers them with the best marketing tools required to make a mark on the globe.
20th Jul 2020, 17:03