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Hello! My name is Larissa. I'm 30 years of age. I'm married. We live in a massive home in the countryside with both children and also our Labrador. With our pet we can go for a walk in the countryside or practice together in the road. In the countryside there's not any problem to consciously spend time together. Regardless of this, it is extremely social, perfectly locates ordinary language with almost anyone and feels comfortable even in massive audiences.
I think that no one has any doubts regarding the virtues of country life in their home. It's its own large area, in which the family can't just collect together by the fireplace, but also in seclusion - to split on different floors, each according to their enterprise. My entire life is becoming more comfortable and more harmonious, we do not rush anywhere else, and enjoy life. The advantages of life in the countryside are more than cons.
This is really a homestead garden, where you are able to grow herbs and admire the flowers, where you can dive at any time, putting on a running coat, sit in isolation, stretch physically for some garden work or snow removal .
Before we lived in a great area within the middle, and a couple of years back we moved out of town. And, I must admit, my friends looked at us with a poorly hidden bewilderment: just how can we sing, when we must go to work every day through several hours of traffic jams? Will we be in a position to arrange life, with two kids, away from the normal Moscow pools, departments and particular schools? Can not it be boring to live at a country house? Is it feasible to find buddies for kids?
By instruction, I'm a designer. I graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture in the direction"Layout". The university became the first step for my additional creative action. The schooling became my service for further work within this sphere.
Even during my studies I started to work as a part-time employee in a store of lamps and lamps. It had been a normal work which did not promise anything special. But more than I started to get a different mindset towards lighting. I discovered how much luminaires can change the plan of a space, complete the entire picture. As a designer, I began to get more and more involved with the subject. Now I am employed as a manager in the online shop /, assisting individuals to locate the ideal lighting fixtures for themselves.
9th Sep 2020, 21:46