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Hello! Bioinformatics is the convergence of biology and computer science. In my time people from physics utilized to come to the field, nowadays biologists more frequently enter bioengineering, and bioinformatics becomes math, physics and computer science. Experience proves that it is difficult for a biologist to master programming and immerse himself from the depths of mathematics, it's easier for a developer to provide the fundamentals of biology. So it's better to begin with a bachelor's degree in programming or mathematics, and then get the lost knowledge in the classes. As an example, there are bioinformatics schools with various programs: for biologists who must grab on programming, also for programmers who lack knowledge from mathematics.
My name is Victor, I'm 36 years old, so I was born in Lviv. Unfortunately, they were still science fiction if it came to extending human life. I graduated from external school and entered . I became a researcher in bioengineering, physics and medicine.
I had to study in different ways, there really are a lot of very interesting issues, we were quite interested in teaching physics, and then biophysics, that, if I am not mistaken, would be educated only in our specialty, it also ought to be noted such topics as circuit engineering, microprocessor technology and engineering, and this is extremely essential for the future engineer. I consider really important for myself the understanding gained in the lessons on computer engineering, I believe that you don't have to convince somebody how important today computer literacy is, and above all for a professional engineer. I believe particularly significant is the understanding obtained in programming. I would love to add that in the event that you are feeling interested in medical engineering, you are undoubtedly here! Only your interest in the issues of the field will allow you to develop into a true engineer.I am currently obtaining my doctorate from the Swiss University of Technology Zurich. In Europe, it is compared with MIT.
25th Sep 2020, 13:23