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Hello, my name is Valeriano, I am 39 years old, and I was born in Guimar,'' I'm a commercial real estate agent. My responsibilities are to help people sell and rent flats, and at the exact same time. I run a blog, in which I share the secrets of my own profession. And I have to say, a lot of his notes are like experience stories: you never know exactly what their heroes will throw off this time. Later I realized that I'm ready to market, and started to think of what's next. I had an opportunity to leave for the specialists of the business. But I was fond of playing at the match, so that I spent several years studying the subtleties of the game methods.
I have always been an aggressive player. Rule number one for me personally would be to play a better match and always have a good advantage. Casino is very original in my opinion, because as far as I know they send part of their winnings to charity, which is extremely nice and lovely for the casino, at least I believe so. So I decided to join this particular casino and play without bonuses.
Today I don't spend time on instruction, studying books and keeping in shape in the sense of blackjack gambling abilities. It could be a waste of time for me personally, since I am not interested in game. However, I intend to keep to examine blackjack as a general portion of the casino industry.
After I started operating as a trader, I was quickly getting tired of this procedure. However, I was always interested in other elements of the sport. In the 2000s, the card counter difficulty was almost among the most pressing. Some my coworkers could count cards themselves, and played with a little bit. I'm very thankful to some of them for the received advice on the accounts of cards, match by overweight, requirements to the sport capital, etc.. Also I've taken interest in a variety of kinds of cheating because it appeared to me that any individual in all gambling business doesn't know this question better than me. I remember how I had been told that a card account is cheating, and when I get stuck doing it in another casino, then I will lose my job and get arrested. Only then I discovered that it had been a lie.
6th Oct 2020, 14:13