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#Collabfest2020 beer 7: Unsomnia (Brussels x Brussels Beer Project, Decaf Blond/White Stout, 5.70%)

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?The YouTube event seems to be nicely paced after the scary start: long interview with a brewer, discussing the beer, and followed by a similarly lengthy feature to give us all time to finish drinking it. (For example, a chat with the guys in the Berlin brewery before this one, and a tour of the Brisbane Dogtap after it.) It looks like for these tastings, they've gone for the gimmicky beers: though the guy from BBP insists the word 'stout' applies to strength rather than colour, so a white stout shouldn't be too much of a shock. The guys from Craft Beer Channel suggest drinking with your eyes closed to stop them messing with your perception, and it surprisingly helps (The BBG says the tonka beans come through better that way). The use of decaf coffee doesn't make much of a difference to the taste, although it's a bit early in the day to see if the lack of caffeine has any real impact.

21st Nov 2020, 17:04