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#Collabfest2020 beer 12: Berry Me In Dublin (Dublin Outpost x O'Brother, imperial bramble kviek milk stout, 11.40%)

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Oh, what a surprise: the two beers in Collabfest currently getting the highest ratings on Untappd are the two with double digit ABVs. Our final beer of the night is the weaker of those two, and damn, it's good - an impossible number of layers reveal themselves as you drink it, as fruit gives way to bitterness and then to the creamy afterttaste you'd expect from a milk stout. (Okay, at this stage of the night 'impossible' apparently means 'three'.) James Watt was raving about this in the video tasting session this afternoon, saying how for him it brought back childhood memories of bramble picking. I don't have that degree of personal connection with this beer, I just know that it's a delightful one to be finishing a day's worth of drinking with, particularly when accompanied by a quick dance to a Mr Scruff DJ set from last year.

21st Nov 2020, 23:31