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Dealing With a Blindsided Break Up

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“How would I get over with a blindsided break up?”

One thing is for sure, it is difficult to deal with a devastating break up or permanent separation. You invest so much time with that person yet, at the end you’re not the woman he’s destined to be with. It is just sad and agonizing to think about it over and over again. That’s the main reason why other people chose not to enter in a romantic relationship again. They think that avoiding it would be the most effective way in escaping pain and heartaches.

Furthermore, yes it is common to have fights and disagreements with your partner. In fact, it continuously changes, reflecting circumstances, stresses, and the everyday ups and downs experienced by both partners. Moreover, you must always put in mind that you will experience highs and lows. There are days that you are happy where in fact you both feel like you are sitting in the soft and smooth clouds, holding each other’s hand while laughing together but there are days also that you both feel sad it can be due to personal or relationship problems. To know more about significant relationship advice and tips, check this one!

So, how to successfully deal with a blindsided break up? If you want to know more about this, you should read this entire article. We might know you can get great ideas in here. Take your time and have fun reading!

1. You need someone to talk to.
This step is very important. You will require companions with whom you can talk, cry, giggle and eventually move forward together out of this troubled part you're in. Particularly if you've been so tired in your previous relationship that you've missed investing time with old friends, this is the chance to reconnect.

2. You try to achieve all your plans from the beginning.
You must make yourself busy by acquiring new set of skills. You may begin by learning how to play various musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin, and other instruments that you like to study. You can also start with sports like learning how to play volleyball, basketball, football, gymnastics, and the like. Start doing something new and live life to the fullest!

3. Give time for yourself.
Go to facial spa, you really need this since after crying and sobbing every night your face gets dry and wrinkles can be seen all over your face. You should start rejuvenating your face in order to have a glowing and radiant skin. After this, buy some new clothes, shoes, and other fashion stuff for you to look new and great. One cannot deny that after following this step, he/she felt good and great about himself/herself.

4. You may start the healing process.
It involves being present and accepting of what’s actually happening versus trying to avoid it or numb yourself. While it might feel safer to deny your feelings and pretend the breakup isn’t happening, you need to confront it to heal. Lastly, you must meditate and observe yourself in order for you to grow as a person.

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