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How To Differentiate a Confusing Love or Sentiment

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“I am so confused. How would I know if he’s serious about me?”

Ladies should be more shrewd in selecting a guy. As what I have raised on my past articles, choosing a man requires additional time and thinking. With the approach of innovation, it would be harder to differentiate good from bad.

Additionally, one should know that there is a vast difference between love and lust. One should know that men have distinct intentions for every woman they met. It could be love, game, sexual desires, or lust. Women should be aware that love deceives people; it makes you blind for some reason. This truly indicates that you cannot trust a stranger or a new friend in your life. You should be vigilant in order to avoid pain and heartbreaks. To know more about significant dating tips and advice, check this one!

So, how to differentiate a confusing love or sentiment? Here’s an ideal guide for you. Check this one!

1. Always looking for ways to see you.
This is one of the good signs that the man is in to you that he is serious about you. This guy wants to see you every day. He feels that his day would not be complete if he cannot see you. This is a great sign of love. Whereas when a boy hits you up on a Saturday night at 2 AM and wants you to come over, it doesn't count. It’s lust! Always remember, love must come with a consistent communication and dates.

2. He takes you seriously.
One of the important ways that I can suggest you is to ask him. You may ask if he is really in to you that he wants to be in a serious relationship with you. By doing this, you have an assurance that this guy wants to be with you forever and lust is not on his book.

3. You met the family already.
If you're just any other woman, always remember that he isn't interested in pursuing anything serious, because a man who is serious about you wants you to meet the important people in his life which is his family. I suggest you not to ever let go of this guy. If you know that he is serious, better stick with him.

4. He’s trying his best to make time for you.
It is one of the good signs that you both are planning ahead of time. A man who deems you important probably wants to see his future with you. Moreover, if you both plan to have a date on Friday and you observe that he opens his time just for you, then this is a great sign of seriousness and love.

5. He’s a ‘chick-boy’ who wants to play with your feelings.
All the hints that I’ve mentioned could all boil down to one particular reason which is he is not interested to have a romantic relationship with you which could also mean that he is not interested about you and he doesn’t want to be with you anymore because he is still rooting for his ex-girlfriend. People did this because they wanted more other than love which is sex.

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