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Hi. My name is Oralia H. I am 34 years old. I am from San Diego, CA. I live the life of a normal woman, I work in an ordinary job. But few people understand that I was a guy. I work as a journalist for a small publishing house and I really like my staff and my work. I enjoy really much everything which makes me and I didn't like only my entire body. Now when my body matches how I see myself I'm happy.
Over the years it has become easier for me to get familiar with people. I never hide who I am, but I don't see the point of screaming about it at each step. I can quite now get to understand a girl and tell her that I'm transgender without fear of response. At the point there was no such diversity also it was tricky to locate a website for transgender people. Now there's where you could find reviews of different websites and know which suits you best. After all, at that time I was often faced with guilt, however, it helped that you could just quit communicating with somebody if the conversation proceeded in the wrong direction. It's far harder to take action in fact, because just taking and leaving seems pretty strange and I try never to do it unless there's an important motive. For me this is a sign of disrespect to your person, regardless of that he is, what orientation or sex. The absolute most essential thing for me is regard to each other, I think that this is the most important thing in our world.
When I was a man, I was quite lonely because though individuals treated me well, they did not wish to deal with me personally. When I came home late at night, it had been evident that girls who walked down the street were uneasy with my life. Now I am often whistled when I walk on the sidewalk and I understand those girls. Girls are paid a great deal more focus, and you think that anyone can be a danger. I like to look at a lot of things from either side, but it is also scary. I've got friends of girls whom I will know quite well and occasionally provide them answers to things they can not know, but any guy can understand.
15th Dec 2020, 20:21