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ZeroW is the realisation of a goal to provide the best possible coaching services to strength athletes from any sporting backgrounds, using best practice in technique, programming and nutrition. Our ultimate specialty is powerlifting, but we cater to absolutely anybody, from beginners to the elite.

We believe in a systematic approach, where all controllable variables in the recipe of performance are calculated and controlled to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard in coaching, using the best available knowledge, to optimise performance of athletes in their chosen sports.

Through our coaching, we have been able to develop some of the strongest people in the world. We achieve this via our physical gyms and through online coaching.

We also believe in the spread of credible information, and seek to grow the knowledge base by providing education in the form of our Coach Development Program, and through webinars and workshops.
25th Dec 2020, 06:08