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I work as a consultant psychologist, I provide psychological counseling to adults and adolescents. Perhaps my concept of the work of a psychologist remains somewhat idealized, but the purpose of my research would be to produce a realistic idea of this profession, to master the methods of employment of a psychologist and become a practicing psychologist - a person who helps people enhance their own lives. You can read my resume in
At school I really liked classical literature, so I read that a lot and liked to think about the behaviour of characters: what moved Holden Caulfield, what had been the internal conflict in Hamlet? Thus my interest in psychology. Now I help people understand what they desire from life - and, accordingly, what they should probably do. One of my customers is far more women, because men are somewhat more difficult to achieve as a psychologist: they're hindered by attitudes that the individual who belongs to a professional is weak, and generally -"how can someone else help me? Most often I'm approached by women after a breakup and girls who say they don't work with guys. You'll find couples, usually young couples, at a stage when the first crush is over, conflicts and nagging start, and the question of how to devote personal time arises.
I wonder what our life will be like without audio. It is the most amazing thing someone can do in their spare time. Somewhere around the age of 17 I learned to play the guitar. I really don't part with it anymore. I am not a musician and not a singer, I'm more of a poet. I've got my own tunes! Playing the guitar is a terrific way to convey my emotions. Sometimes I want to have fun and start singing driving songs, and sometimes I wish to sulk to enjoy ballads. I enjoy music a great deal, especially if I like it. I deal with music as though it is not merely something to do along with a party against, but like it is a bit of work that I should enjoy listening to. That is, I distinguish between"hearing music" (with my normal hearing) and"listening to music" (together with my musical hearing). I don't always manage to listen to it when I hear it, but the intriguing thing is that if I know it I continue listening for it to myself, even in my head.
8th Jan 2021, 10:48