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By definition, I'm a poker ambassador - someone who looks out for the interests of the poker community. I've made a picture of myself as a big poker ambassador who gives a platform to those professional gamers that haven't had an opportunity to speak up. But as your focus shifts to another person, and you have the chance to make money beyond just playing, you stop caring so much about the neighborhood of professional players they once thought you were a part of. I know why this has happened to some folks, however.
Like many players, I devote an immense amount of time to internet casinos. After I got to poker, I figured I could earn a living at it. Fortunately, once I had time to make mistakes due to inexperience, I started reading everything written about the game and plan. What happened was that I acquired a strong interest in poker theory and played hundreds of thousands of palms on micro limits. I bought a tracker at and began analyzing my hands after each semester. I completely endorse the view that poker is a sport of skill. You can't ever win on the path in case you don't understand the math, probabilities, flaws of your competitors and positive opportunities.
Sports Have become a part of my life, I enjoy the notion of going for a jog in the afternoon in front of a championship - it will help wake up the body. Athletic tasks have a distinct psychological impact since they help people feel better about themselves and become confident. This is very important for success in poker.
My name is Adam Yates, I am 32 years old, a professional poker player, trainer and author. In addition, I do video blogging, so many poker fans too listen to my podcasts, leading my background since 2014. Mainly the topic matter, it is comprehensive coverage of interesting events in the realm of poker and conversations with famous players. A separate category of my material is investigating slippery topics, if it be jobless, bots in poker rooms, or failure to pay the jackpot.
11th Jan 2021, 12:41