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Unfortunately, all of my plans to get a calm retirement together with my wife crashed a couple of decades back. After several months of dealing with a significant disease, she eventually died. It was a dreadful experience for me. Happily I had the help of my loved ones. My grandkids and kids arrived to stay with us for a little while, which caused me to feel better, a little bit. But I feel lonely all the time, and there's nothing that I can do to take away that solitude. But at the same timeI recognize that I'm not so old to give up in my life and that I still want to be happy with someone. It has been a year or two now and I understand that I can still create a couple with a different woman and fulfill my senior decades not alone.
Since I am really busy and often go to social events and meetings, I could have met somebody . However, for some reason I have not had any luck in it, often with me in these events are either couples or girls that are not interested in conversing with me. For a moment I got desperate, because I thought it'd be a bit easier. Then my kids advised me to enroll in a dating agency. To be honest, I wasn't really confident about it and was worried that I wouldn't be in a position to do it. However, I discovered a website which comprises info about popular dating websites for seniors that actually work and at which there will not be any scammers and such. I was really terrified of that, but I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be considerably easier than I ever thought. I carefully picked what I thought was the most appropriate website and began to meet people, and after some time I got to see the results. I believe I have all the opportunities to fulfill a great retirement.
Hi. My name is Elijah Jeffreys. I'm from Southland center. Despite the fact I am 58 years old, I am still working as a builder for a major company and seeking to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. I've got two kids. Both of my kids are off from each other, so now we only get together on holidays and events, like Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas.
11th Feb 2021, 15:31