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Being a sailor in our family is the rule instead of the exception. In my youth I knew what I would do if I grew up, and when I graduated from school, I went to Odessa marine academy, and then started working and going to sea. From my father I bought a national car Lada 99. Individuals who have confronted this car understand how tough it is. If you want to spend less on maintenance, please take action yourself. Fortunately I'm a mechanic and although the steamer along with the automobile are different, the fundamentals of the engines would be the same. I try to do all possible repairs together with my own hands, so I would not be gained from all kinds of woeful professionals.
I frequently encounter different questions regarding how to perform this or that action, the way to replace this or this part and similar everyday things of a domestic car owner. In order to find advice, I utilize YouTube and other resources. Lately , I obtained most of the information from the website , in which I also order and parts. There are numerous articles where you are able to observe how to make a fix, together with pictures. There's advice not only on domestic automobiles, and it is pretty much. It's extremely cool every time a shop that sells tools can also advise me on the option of components and give me distinct directions . I disassembled and checked the newcomer another day employing an article taken out there. I did everything in accordance with the instructions and it worked. I solved the problem that I had with all the ignition systems. In general I enjoy doing this, I like mechanisms much because everything works according to specific laws, knowing these laws you are able to make anything work.
Hi, my name is Valerii Kravchenko. I have been dwelling in the city of Kharkov for 32 years. I am employed as another mechanic. I have a beautiful wife and two kids. Both girls. When I return on the voyage, I try to make up for lost time by spending it with my loved ones as much as possible. I like to play computer games and watch American shows on Netflix.
16th Feb 2021, 16:58