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Hello! My name is Alex Shulga, I'm 32 years old, and I'm a web developer. For several years I have concentrated on the creation and promotion of resources in the gambling niche, and have had great success in this subject. I cope with websites, SEO-promotion. Formerly, a little arbitrage and participated in dorwei. Even now, nearly all of my sites look just like dorweis. And they know me because I have been in gambling for 8 years, I often visit conferences, as well as running my own blog.
Like most, I used to play games, one very tightly. That has been a clan, and I made a site for it, produced it. Then I made a site about the sport, which was very popular. I began to advertise little by little, and eventually sold this site. In the identical time I had been playing a bit of poker. I thought, why not create a poker website? I left a rating of poker rooms, and within the first couple of weeks I got a few visitors.One evening there was just one unic on the counter, and I checked that the affiliate websites, and one of these had rega and residue. I was really happy, but what was my surprise when in the next few months, the site brought me a great income! That's when I realized what I wished to perform. I liked websites, I began to know HTML in about 2004 year. Therefore I already had some experience. So here we goI started to rivet sites, shores along with other things.
As a player I - a bass. A crucian carp or burbot. Therefore, I know some fundamentals, sometimes blessed. As a webmaster I have much more success. At one time I used to devote a good deal of time on a few of the very best sites . Now, no longer, but still spend some time playing with casino games sometimes. I am a pre-gambling, and in parallel with and participated in only game websites for supplies, and infosites, and a whole lot more.
Now I Am Employed as a QA automation / QA Team Leader in an IT company. The capability to continue to keep my concentration helps me to operate 10-12 and sometimes 15 hours straight. In addition, it helps in order to continuously learn, update your understanding, and follow tendencies. Poker instructs you to test and compute risks, and in work it can help to make decisions regarding labour expenses. Ability to count in mind produces an excellent impression on the customer. Because poker quite quickly understood the algorithms, although some programmers shudder at the term. Creating and analyzing the optimal drawing outlines in poker assists with the evolution of ancient solutions and prototyping business solutions in the present profession.
22nd Feb 2021, 11:32