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Forgetting Ex's Memories

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There were several ‘Moving On’ articles that I made for the past three years. Yet, we must constantly bear in mind that these chronological steps were based on my pre-existing emotions while I wrote those blogs. I re-track my entire break up and moving on blogs and surprisingly, I wrote it with great dignity and with astonishing pieces of information. Now I realized why my other fervent readers would post some great comments on one of my blogs. I am forever grateful to be your relationship, love, and dating blogger. You all are my inspiration why I decided to continue pursuing this career path. I have no regrets doing this every single day. Going back to our today’s topic, I just want my readers to know that this article would have some tricky similarities of my other blogs. However, I added some new steps and suggestions in order for it to be different from all of my moving on articles and of course, I added some new ones because I appreciate all of you. Now we’ll talk about the realm of love and relationship. I know that there were great number of women who went through a tormenting and excruciating break up. This just means that we can never predict the varying events and circumstance in our lives. Good for those women who detect their partners’ affair earlier in the relationship but how about those women who don’t have any ideas of their partners’ infidelity? This is one of the many reasons why I confidently decided to be a relationship blogger. I am not that expert or professional when it comes to this but being in an eight year long-term relationship and also a woman who experienced several break ups, I guarantee to all of you that these steps would be effective. As so you know, no one can beat an individual with great and handful knowledge about relationship and failed romance.
Always recall that it would be hard to initiate all these steps at first but with consistent determination, I know that you can successfully do this. I was once in your place and look at me now, I’m living my life to the fullest and even I don’t have a perfect and ideal relationship, I do have a mature partner who constantly understands me. I know that you would successfully meet your destined man. It might not be today but in the near future. As, a sincere and everlasting love is worth the wait. Now, here are the salient steps on how to quickly start your new journey. I hope that these steps would help you. Check this one!

1. Never ever be caught with a man who has similar character of your ex-lover.
This might be confusing but I am sure that this significant step is worth to follow. Stop being attracted to a guy who has some obvious similarities of you ex-partner. Never ever be trap in this situation again. You learned your lesson already.

2. Never forget your old self but confidently improve for the better.
If you want to become happy and contented, you should look for ways on how to improve yourself. If you would successfully do this your ex-lover would be insanely insecure of your well-found happiness.