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All about Copy Trading

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Trading Risks?

All investments are inherently risky. A legitimate and transparent broker never promotes an unconditional investment return guarantee, and investors who are afraid of large investment risks usually prefer to entrust it to an expert.

What is Copy Trader?

Also known as Strategy Manager, this expert is an experienced investment expert who renders services for a fee. The broker provides a list of active strategy managers along with details on their performance, helping users to select a personalized expert from the list and make trading decisions.

This mainly applies to forex trading and is often used for stocks as well. An online-based transaction form allows you to link a client's account with the account of an expert of your choice. It can also be easily monitored, managed and shut down by users if needed.

In this way, since the overall details of CopyTrader are disclosed in detail and transparently, users can make more rational choices.?

Copy trading recommended for people like this

It is recommended not only for beginners in trading but also for those who already have trading experience. Copy trading can be a huge help when you don't have time to properly do market and trading analysis.

How copy trading works?

General Principles and Procedures.

The chosen strategy manager is responsible for managing a portion of the user's funds, profiting from the fees paid to them as they make money from their trades. Therefore, they make a proxy transaction for the user and at the same time receive a small fee from the user when the profit is realized.?

After registering for the service, the broker establishes a connection between the user's funds and the expert's funds. All public transactions and follow-up actions are then duplicated or copied to your account.

At this time, the manager does not have all the decision-making power, and users can monitor copied (copied) transactions, cancel unwanted transactions, or disconnect all connections.?

Copy trading example?

First, you choose the professional manager you want to copy, and the broker will link the two accounts. Next, deposit money into your account if your balance is insufficient to start copy trading. Subsequent copying of transactions is fully automatic. When you make a profit, you can pay a portion of it as a commission and cash it out.?

User starts copy trading with $1,000 -> Profits of $500 -> User gets 90% excluding success fee, i.e. $450 -> Remaining profit (10% - $50) is the strategy manager's commission Pay with -> The very important thing here is that you only pay commissions when you make a profit.?

Notes on Copy Trading?

Read the broker's terms and conditions carefully. In general, the share you can invest is limited to 20%, and in no case will success be guaranteed.

Because of this, the broker publishes a list of strategy managers specializing in copy trading and offers users the best of their past portfolios. Users should make the right choice based on these objective data.
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