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#Collabfest2021 part 1: Liverpool, Perth, Exeter, Cardiff

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1. Barfloor Blitz (Top Rope x Liverpool, Aperol Spritz sour, 4.0%)
Time for another one of these, then - four days (in our case, three) of hopping between BrewDog bars trying out 1/6 pint measures of as many of the 66 collaborations between bars and local breweries as we can lay our hands on. We're starting off with a quick Friday night session with mates before we all head off to see The French Dispatch, so our first selections are picked o  a bit of a rush: I realise too late that I've accidentally chosen three sours in a row to begin, a beer style that nobody really drinks for fun. But this one's okay as a starter: yes, it's sour, but not too much so.

2. Ploom Shake Shake Shake The Room (Fallen x Perth, soor ploom sour beer, 7.5%)
And this one isn't too bad either. The full write-up lists a whole pile of ingredients (including gooseberry and lime) to recreate the Scottish sweeties of the title, and they all seem to be there, wrapped up in a lurid green colour. An early favourite of The BBG.

3. Schwartzwalder (Whyte Bar x Exeter, black forest sour ale, 6.5%)
Three drinkable sours out of three! It's a Collabfest miracle. Again, not too sour, with all the expected black forest flavours of cherry and chocolate coming through.

4. Immaterial (Beer Riff x Cardiff, American amber ale, 4.7%)
Just to mess things up at the end of the flight, this is a fairly standard ale that frankly tastes a bit weird after three sours in a row, though I'm sure it's fine really.
23rd Oct 2021, 12:57