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#Collabfest2021 part 5: Kungsholmen, Chancery Lane, Inverurie, Brighton)

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17. Bit Of Valhalla (Keane x Kungsholmen, bitter, 4.2%)
New thrill! Do they still say that in 2000AD nowadays? We're paying our first visit to Chancery Lane, a former Draft House bar that's been rebranded by BrewDog as one of their own, rather like Milton Keynes. So this is our 74th bar visited, which implies that we'll need to do something special for number 75. We'll see what we can do. In the meantime, our first beer here is a bitter that's a little underwhelming fresh cold out of the taps, so we let it warm up a few minutes before coming back to it. Still not outstanding, but you could imagine downing a pint of it in other circumstances. 

18. Pale Ale Citra/Sabro (Brew By Numbers x Chancery Lane, pale, 5.8%)
The local beer, apparently, though Bermondsey seems a bit of a distance away. (Or is it more accurately Greenwich these days?) It's a fairly straightforward pale ale, really, with not too much evidence of the Sabro hops that all the young people like nowadays (it's there, but not yelling at the top of its voice like Sabro beers normally do).

19. No Planet B (Black Isle x Inverurie, west coast DIPA, 8.0%)
Quite nice, with syrupy DIPA feel to it, but nothing really distinctive about this one. Definitely the weaker of the two westie DIPAs on offer.

20. Dough Big Or Go Home (Unbarred x Brighton, cookie dough stout, 6.7%)
Decent stout, on the sweet side as you'd expect. Initially not as good as some of the ones we had yesterday, but it gets better as it warms up (though still not as good). They say it offers a full cookie dough experience, but to be honest Ben & Jerry's do it better.

23rd Oct 2021, 17:33