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Collabfest2021 part 7: Norwich, Leicester, Ealing, Tallinn

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25. Stratosphere (Burnt Mill x Norwich, IPA, 4.8%)

Wasn’t expecting our evening at BrewDog Ealing – with a seat around the fire feature and everything – to be starting with a sour, but here we are. The lemon in here is pushing it into sour territory despite everything: it’s nice enough to drink, but not enough hops for something advertising itself as an IPA. The BBG suggests it gets a bit more sherbetty as time goes on.

26. Yuzumaki (Round Corner x Leicester, saison, 7.2%)

Still a lot of the lemon sherbet going on from the previous beer, so this one takes a while to cut through. The BBG comes to like it as time goes on, especially its colour, but still can’t taste any yuzu on it. I’m less convinced: maybe saisons aren’t really my thing.

27. Rockin’ &:Poppin’ (Jefferson’s & Ealing, double IPA, 8.5%)

This is nice, but definitely ‘one of those’. Murky as hell, lots of juiciness, with possibly the high alcohol content compensating for all of the other clichés. It should be noted that at this point, the punks behind the bar at Ealing are playing Toxic by Britney Spears. (Not judging – one of my karaoke specialities is Baby One More Time. That, and Chocolate Salty Balls from South Park.)

28. Black Ballerina (Puhaste x Tallinn, black forest ale, 6.5%)

Not hitting you in the face like last night’s black forest beer, but that”s not such a bad thing. We’ve been fans of Tallinn’s breweries since our visit in 2018, so it’s nice to hear that both the bar and the brewery are still going.
23rd Oct 2021, 23:23