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#Collabfest2021 part 9: Shepherds Bush, Sodermalm, Old Street, Aberdeen

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33. Philly Cheesecake (Orbit x Shepherds Bush, lemon cheesecake sour, 5.0%)

Looking back at late Saturday (see part 8) from the relative sobriety of Sunday morning, maybe six flights in one day was a bit ambitious. ("Southamptom"? Really?) So we're taking it easy to begin with today, with a booze-free brunch at the Shepherds Bush bar before diving back in with their own beer. It's a good refreshing starter, the alcoholic equivalent of a grapefruit juice first thing.

34. Chasing Mavericks (Northern Exposure x Sodermalm, NEIPA, 6.5%)
In case you were wondering, the Swedish for "one of those" is "en sån". This has a couple of quirks, though. First one is the very obvious bang of fashionable Sabro hops coming off it from the first mouthful. Meanwhile, The BBG is interested in the detail that it's been brewed with kolsch yeast, which makes it a bit more distinctive. Still looks like orange juice, though.

35. Tangled Goals (Boxcar x Old Street, red saison, 5.5%)
Remember Old Street? They used to be the alcohol-free bar, but that idea fell by the wayside once BrewDog realised that AF beers wouldn't sustain us through a pandemic. They produced a 0.5%er for last year's cans-at-home Collabfest (see for details), but this year there's no longer a requirement for that. It's no 5AM Saint, but as it's a saison it doesn't need to be, and The BBG likes the unexplained smoky undercurrent in there.

36. Ghost Bocksters (Reids Gold x Aberdeen, smoked marshmallow doppelbock, 7.0%)
Ooh, nice. Now this one has an *explained* smoky undercurrent, with the smoke subtly adding to the marshmallow flavour, stopping it from getting overly sweet. Dangerously gluggable.

24th Oct 2021, 12:47