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#Collabfest2021 part 12: Dalston, Glasgow, Cambridge

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44. Rye Me A River (Hackney Brewery x Dalston, orange & cardamom rye IPA, 6.2%)
We're wrapping this all up in Dalston, as we're doing an evening of Dangerously Experimental Cinema in the area immediately after this. This may be a mistake on our part, obviously: lots of shaky camera and industrial noise may not work so well after sixteen beers (even if they're all 1/6 pints). Nevertheless, as we're not planning to visit any more bars after this one, our grand total for Collabfest 2021 will be capped off at 46 beers out of a possible 66, just because we've drunk all the other ones in here. (Hence the bulking out of this flight with Carolina BIPA, which we think is good enough to deserve an encore.) Our pre-penultimate beer of the set is Dalston's own contribution, which once again needs time to warm up and let its spiciness come through on the palate rather than the nose: it eventually comes through at the back, but you have to wait for it.

45. Blueberry Bait (Overtone x Glasgow, blueberry sour, 8.0%)
Definite fruit, definite sourness, but not mouth-puckeringly so. I can vouch for it pairing well with the Dalston bar's Halloween special, the Smashing Pumpkin Spice burger, which is an utter frickin' delight. (It's nice to see that unlike Old Street, Dalston has stuck to its original USP as a totally vegan establishment, with Biff's totally killing it as the in-house caterers.) Doesn't taste like an 8%, it has to be said.

46. Cocomera Atomica (Pastore x Cambridge, watermelon sour, 8.0%)
And neither does this - but it definitely tastes of watermelon rather than water, which is enough to deceive you into thinking it's just a healthy fruit drink. Just the sort of thing to set you up for a night of potentially terrifying short films. Wish us luck!

Picking our favourites from the 46 is a hellish idea, but if pushed I'd go for Portergeist by BAP BAP x Le Marais, and The BBG would say it's a toss-up between that one and Brewhouse Collective by Full Circle x Newcastle. Of the 46 there's only one we'd class as a disappointment (no names mentioned, work it out for yourself), and that feels like one hell of a strike rate. Same time next year, then?

24th Oct 2021, 18:10